Our Vision

Y.E.S.S. will continue to challenge, support and develop the life skills, intellect and confidence in at-risk youth, adults and low-income seniors to be successful with their life goals, visions, and dreams.   We will achieve this with the help and support of our community based partners, organizations, businesses, internal and external relationships and other viable resources.

Our Values

Y.E.S.S. will lead with integrity and high values. We will strive to meet the expectations of our targeted populations, partners, board members, advisors and the community. We will respect diversity and individual growth. We will continuously seek to be our targeted populations valued and trusted partner.  We will build mutually beneficial relationships with community based businesses and organizations. We will seek to create and offer new and innovative programming on an on-going basis.

Say Y.E.S.S.

Participants, volunteers and supporters of Y.E.S.S. can make a difference in their lives and the lives of others by saying… Y.E.S.S. to opportunities that will last a lifetime! Y.E.S.S. to a new way of seeing themselves viable and relevant, not only to themselves, families or the community, but the world! Y.E.S.S. to commitment to self-actualization and “staying the course” and Y.E.S.S. to a better life and brighter future fueled by their dreams!