Our Focus

YESS will continuously work to focus on providing innovative, educational, creative, and social programs and services for the populations in which we engage. YESS engages and focuses on programs that will include youth, adults and seniors in the following services:

  • Y.E.S.S. Basic Entrepreneurship Training
  • Y.E.S.S. Invention Workshops
  • XprYESSions Youth Program
  • Y.E.S.S.Monthly Senior Food Distribution Services
  • Y.E.S.S. Kreative MindZ NSBE Jr. Chapter

Y.E.S.S. Inc will continue to

  • Establish a sustainable presence in the community and in the lives of the populations we are dedicated to serving.
  • Find new opportunities to support our community by listening to the needs of our students, seniors and the community to hear and understand how we can continue to make a difference.
  • Evaluate if our organization’s goals and objectives are sustainable and viable in meeting the needs of our targeted populations on an on-going basis.
  • Build upon the strength of our team, partnerships and organizational resources while serving the community.
  • Continue to offer a collaborative and comprehensive array of year-round educational services that will show clear linkages between academic achievement and the opportunities thereof.
  • Provide educational opportunities while putting an emphasis on the skills needed to help those we serve move toward their life goals and achievements.